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Annual Budgets

The budget of the City of Pine Lake reflects the City’s goals and priorities. It communicates to citizens and staff what resource allocation decisions have been made by the Mayor and Council, including those involving staffing, technology, equipment, and other priorities..

A balanced budget for the coming year must be presented to Council. A public hearing is conducted, generally in December, but at least one week prior to the vote. During the hearing, Council listens to the concerns of residents regarding the budget priorities and discusses the proposed budget.

Annual Budgets:

FY2024 Budget as Adopted 

2024 Budget Proposal

2023 Adopted Budget

2022 Budget

2021 Adopted Budget

2021 Other Funds Adopted Budget

2021 Budget Summary Memo

2020 Draft Budget

2019 Adopted Budget

2018 Approved Budget

2017 Approved Budget

2016 Approved Budget

2015 Approved Budget