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Permitting Requirements

The Difference between Building Code and Zoning Code

Pine Lake, like most municipalities, has a building code as well as a zoning code. Changes to your property may be covered by one or both ordinances.

The Building Code for Pine Lake is based on Dekalb County building code, which in turn is based on The International Building Code (IBC). The building code determines minimum requirements for durable construction and the health and safety of inhabitants and visitors. It addresses such things as strength of construction, insulation, electrical safety, adequacy of plumbing fixtures and numerous other issues. In addition to the IBC there are a small number of additions specific to Pine Lake. The Pine Lake Building Code is contained in Chapter 18 of the Code of Ordinances.

The Zoning Code is a set of ordinances specific to Pine Lake that regulate how new construction and renovation fits in with the existing make-up of the city. The zoning code addresses such things as lot size and use, setbacks, environmental impact and materials used, to mention just a few. The zoning code reflects the values of the residents of Pine Lake.

Applications and Permits

To ensure that a given project conforms to both the Zoning Code and the Building code, some or all of the following must occur during the life of a construction project:

  • Zoning Compliance review - conducted by the Zoning official.
  • Building Permit application submitted.
  • Pay applicable fees. 
  • Homeowner Affidavit for Building Permit - if resident is doing work without licensed Contractor.
  • Plan Review - conducted by the Building Code Compliance Consultant (currently Safebuilt).
  • Building Permit is issued.
  • Trade (electrical, plumbing, HVAC) Permits are issued.
  • Inspections are made throughout the project.
  • Other permits and inspections as needed, such as erosion control, demolition, tree retention, etc.
  • Final inspection is conducted, and Certificate of Occupancy/Completion is issued.

It is not always clear which of these steps is required. To help determine the steps you will need to take, submit the:

Construction Pre-Planning Review

This short online form will be sent to the City Administrator, who will contact you to discuss the process you will need to follow.

Once you have determined the process to follow, you can use the links below to complete the forms and make payment online.

Note:  The fillable forms below work best if opened with Adobe Reader.  Some browsers may not allow you to complete the form and save it.  If you have trouble you can print the form and complete it by hand, then fax it or scan and e-mail.