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How it Works

Meetings and Communication

Pine Lake City Council meets on second and last Tuesday of each month (in the Courthouse) at 7:00 PM.  Agendas are posted at City Hall a week before each meeting and on the Pine Lake website.

Periodic Town Hall meetings provide time for more extended discussions between residents and elected officials, or for public education. Schedule is posted at City Hall and on this website.

The best ways to know what is going on are:

  • Come to Council meetings and Town Hall meetings and ask questions!
  • Read the minutes of the meetings published on this website
  • Talk to the Mayor or your Council members

If you would like to become more involved in City governance, there are many opportunities to serve. Contact the Mayor or a Council member. 

Elections, Terms and Eligibility

The legislative authority of the government of this city, except as otherwise specifically provided in this Charter, shall be vested in a city council to be composed of five councilmembers.

Councilmembers shall serve for terms of four years and until their respective successors are elected and qualified. No person shall be eligible to serve as mayor or councilmember unless he shall have been a resident of this city for the period of 12 continuous months immediately prior to the date of the election in which he seeks to qualify; each such person shall continue to reside within the city during said period of service and shall be registered and qualified to vote in municipal elections in this city.

The mayor shall be elected and serve for a term of four years and until his successor is elected and qualified. He shall be a qualified elector of this city and shall have been a resident of this city immediately preceding his election. He shall continue to reside in this city during the period of his service. He shall forfeit his office on the same grounds and under the same procedure as for councilmembers.

No mayor elected and qualified for two terms shall be eligible for the succeeding term.

Pine Lake City Charter

Form of Municipal Government

Pine Lake has adopted a Mayor-Council ("Strong" Mayor) form of government. 

Under this form of government, the city council provides the primary policy role, while the mayor provides the primary executive role. This form provides for a distinguishable separation of powers between the city’s executive branch (mayor) and its legislative branch (city council). Thus, the separation of powers contained in the “strong” mayor form is similar to those found in the national and state governments, with the office of mayor being similar to the President of the United States or a governor of a state. Likewise, the council acts as a legislative body similar to the Congress of the United States or a state legislature.

Under this form, the mayor serves as the city’s chief executive officer and has full responsibility for the city’s daily operations. As such, the mayor normally possesses the power to hire and fire department heads and other city staff, prepare and administer the city’s budget, and execute contracts. The mayor may also have the authority to appoint council committees, veto legislation passed by the council, and appoint members to city advisory boards. In some cities, particularly larger ones, the mayor may appoint a professional administrator (chief administrative officer, city administrator, etc.) to assist in carrying out the daily operations of the city.

The city council is responsible for enacting the city’s policies, through the adoption of ordinances and/or resolutions. While the mayor may possess the authority to veto actions of the city council, the council may possess authority to override the mayor’s veto.

From GMA Handbook for Georgia Mayors and Councilmembers