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Passed this Year

Ordinances are written laws adopted by the Council that serve as permanent, enforceable laws, unless amended or repealed through the adoption of a new ordinance.

Resolutions deal with matters of a special or temporary nature. They formally express the Council’s opinion or will. They are adopted by an official vote and result in a separate document that goes beyond simply recording an action taken by Council in the minutes.


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Date Passed Ordinance Number Description
1/28/2020  01-2020 To declare discrimination in employment, housing and public accomodations unlawful
2/25/2020  02-2020 To establish a temporary moratorium on sign applications and permits to provide time for the City Council to research and prepare for adoption an updated ordinance governing signs within the city of Pine Lake
3/24/2020  03-2020 An ordinance by the city of Pine Lake to declare a state of emergency due to the novel coronavirus disease 2019 global pandemic.      
4/28/2020  04-2020 An ordinance to extend a State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.
5/15/2020  05-2020 An ordinance to extend a temporary moratorium on sign applications and permits  





Date Passed Resolution Number Description
2/10/2020 R-01-2020 A Resolution of Gratitude to Missye Varner, Assistant City Administrator.
3/23/2020  R-02-2020 Budget Adjustments 
3/31/2020  R-03-2020  Re-establish Pine Lake as A Certified City of Ethics 
5/19/2020 R-04-2020  A resolution by the City of Pine Lake to close public facilities that encourage congregating and pose a burden to public health, public safety and financial resources.
7/7/2020 R-05-2020 To Set the 2020 Millage Rate