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Business Development

In April 2019, the Rockbridge Corridor Task Force, presented a revitalization plan to the Pine Lake City Council based on the following shared vision: 


                                ROKS Vision Statement

"The Rockbridge Road corridor in Pine Lake will be a vibrant commercial district with a unique atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone and that serves as a departure from the chronic sameness of the typical American commercial landscape. The Rockbridge Road corridor will be a safe and thriving commercial area consisting of a mosaic of small businesses in a setting that reflects Pine Lake’s passion for the environment and the arts while also celebrating the tremendous ethnic diversity in and around Pine Lake."


Following completion of the plan, Rockbridge Opportunity Kick Starters (ROKS) was established to implement the various initiatives proposed in the plan and to start transforming the vision into reality. The group is working to achieve five goals for the Rockbridge Corridor:

  1. Improve the aesthetics of the Rockbridge Road corridor to create a setting that is “uniquely Pine Lake” and that celebrates Pine Lake’s passion for the arts and the environment.

  2. Create an atmosphere along the Rockbridge Road corridor that sends a message that “all are welcome” in Pine Lake.

  3. Create an environment that is safe in both perception and reality for customers, business owners, and visitors.

  4. Retain and support the success of existing small businesses along the Rockbridge Road corridor.

  5. Recruit new businesses that provide opportunities to build community and that represent the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of Pine Lake and the surrounding area.

  6. Create an organizational framework to support economic development along the Rockbridge Road corridor.

ROKS Events and Projects:

Poplar Park Inaugural Event


Download the complete  2019 Report To Council

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