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Inclusion and Diversity

Council Statement

In 2016 Council passed the Safe Harbor Resolution, stating that:

“The City Council affirms that no individual should be discriminated against by another individual or body based upon their individual sex, race, color, disability, national origin, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

This resolution passed unanimously, as a principled text for our leadership and our city to reference. Our city reflects inclusion in many forms: an all-female leadership, strong concentration of LGBTQ+ residents, involvement of children in the workings of the City through regular Kids and Tots Town Halls. We are a municipality that is 76% white, 20% African-American and 6% other minorities - with a commercial district that consists of all minority-owned, independent businesses, apart from the Family Dollar.

Acknowledging the Past

Pine Lake, along with most Georgia cities, has a history of intolerance and racism dating back to its foundation. The 1935 advertisement for a ”Chance of a Lifetime” to make Pine Lake your summer home did not need to specify “Whites Only” -- it was understood. Much of the history has been lost or hidden, but almost certainly there were prominent residents of Pine Lake who were members and local leaders of white supremacist groups such as the KKK. There is much to do to heal the wounds of the past. This page will chronicle recent steps and document discussions of the way forward.