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Things To Do in Pine Lake

Pine Lake Park

Welcome to Pine Lake, where we encourage you to take advantage of our beautiful walking trails and our wonderful park amenities. The Lake and all park areas (playground, Eastern and Western Wetlands and all trails surrounding the lake) close at dusk and re-open at dawn. The Beach and Park Rules are posted at the beach and you can download a copy here for your reference. Please be courteous and help make everyone’s day at the park a happy one.



There are many ways to enjoy the Park:


Pine Lake walking trail

You can take a walk around the lake. The asphalt path on the North side runs between Spruce Drive and Spring St. As you walk along you can enjoy the Lake to one side and Snapfinger creek, which feeds the lake, on the other. In summer, the foliage next to the creek is often filled with beautiful goldfinches that fly around the branches in beautiful clouds of yellow. In the Northwest corner at the end of this trail sits a small bench nestled in front of several paper birch trees. It is dedicated to the memory of one of the city’s finest citizens. In the southwest part or the lake adjacent to the Beach House there is a berm that sets off the swimming area and also acts as a trail. From the berm trail you can see more of the birds, fish, and turtles that call the lake home. On the Southeast side of the lake is a path that runs from the canoe put-in to Spruce Dr. Notice the bio-retention feature along Lakeshore Drive that captures stormwater and cleanses it before it gets into the lake. Just before the trail runs out at Spruce you will see some beautiful granite formations.

In addition to the trails around the lake, there are two beautiful paths on either side of the lake. The Eastern and Western Wetlands Trails will take you through a wonderful ecosystem designed to slow down the water before and after it goes into the lake in order to naturally cleanse out chemicals and other impurities. This is a favorite hang-out for all kinds of wildlife.


Pine Lake Beach

Each year from Memorial Day to Labor Day the Beach opens for swimming. There is no lifeguard on duty so it is important for parents to watch their children carefully. Swimming is allowed only in the Beach area and only within the ropes. Adults (18 & older) may sign a Swimming Waiver to swim outside the ropes, but only in the designated swimming area. Submit the form at City Hall. To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, use of the swimming area requires strict adherence to the Beach and Park rules.


Pine Lake Boating

You may also bring your non-motorized canoe or kayak and cruise around the lake. There is a put-in adjacent to the swim area berm, just East of the Beach House.

Pine Lake Boating


Play Area

There is a wonderful children’s play area on the Southwest corner of the lake just west of the swimming area. Take the kids over and check it out.


Fish in the hands

The lake is stocked with catfish and brim. You must have a valid Georgia Fishing License to fish in the lake. Catch and release is encouraged, but if you take fish home, be sure they are of legal size.



Tennis court

There is a single tennis court at the Corner of Park and Spring. (That is on the Northwest Corner of the Lake.)

Just Relaxing

Relaxing around the lake

There are many places around the lake to sit and ponder the beauty all around. Just come and sit awhile - no energy required.