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Public Works


Invitation to Bid - Bid No. PW 2024-001 Pedestrian Bridge Replacement  

Addendum - Bid No. PW 2024-001 Pedestrian Bridge Replacement 

Public Works Services

Our Public Works Department provides many critical and often overlooked services to our residents and businesses by:

  • Maintaining the lake and wetlands, adjusting water flow and lake levels according to the weather and many other variables as well as taking water samples to be sure that we can safely swim in the Lake.
  • Making repairs and generally maintaining all city structures. 
  • Keeping our streets and parks well-lighted and clean for the enjoyment of all residents and visitors.
  • Vacuuming leaves and other organic matter from the streets to keep them from washing into the Lake and storm water system.
  • Clearing ice and snow from streets and clearing and salting public walking areas.
  • Maintaining the plant life throughout the city: cutting back brush, pruning trees, planting new trees and bushes and keeping them watered until they can live on their own.
  • Managing and maintaining signage throughout the City.
  • Maintaining all city-owned equipment.
  • Coordinating with Dekalb County Watershed Management and other county departments as needed.
  • Answering the call to do whatever is needed, from a chair for the beach monitors to creating new trails in the wetlands.

See something – Say something

You are the eyes of our Lake and City and we welcome your input. Click on the link below to alert us to any maintenance issue. If you include your e-mail you will receive an acknowledgment of your suggestion from the City Administrator, who will prioritize the issues that are reported.

Please remember that your suggestion may not happen right away, or at all. There may be reasons for the issue you are seeing (i.e. completion requires parts/material or completion of other phases of a project, or the issue you are citing may not be on City property). Remember that Public Works always has a long list of maintenance items pending, as well as regular maintenance items that must be completed.

Maintenance Suggestion Form