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The Lake

The Ecology of Pine Lake

Pine Lake

The pride and joy of Pine Lake, our beautiful lake at the center of our city, is the result of much attention and care by past leadership and residents. In 2011, the City was approved for a streambank restoration grant as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, in partnership with the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. This project was specifically focused on reconfiguring the bank between the lake and the creek, with a subset of the work including dredging the eastern area of the lake where nearly all of the silt depositing occurs. A third element in this environmental effort was the construction of a bioretention feature to the west of the Gazebo (where there was previously a drainage ditch). The last piece of the project was the lowering of the road between the lake and the Western wetlands, to create a spillway in the event of a major flood.  

Streambank restoration of Pine Lake

The end result was a greatly improved overall hydrology infrastructure: a kinder, gentler stream with ripples and stilling ponds that help enhance the habitat, a cleaner lake, and a significant drop in flood risk. Because of this project, which had the lake closed for renovation for over a year, we enjoy a clean and stable swimming and fishing habitat, amidst the urban metropolis that surrounds our beautiful city.

More information about the stream bank restoration project can be found on the 2011 Snapfinger Creek Water Quality Improvement Project page.