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Remembered Neighbors

If you would like to have a deceased friend or family member who lived in Pine Lake, remembered on this page please Submit the Remembered Neighbors Form.

Headshot of Nita Townes

Boyd Adams

Boyd Adams was such a tresured part of Pine Lakes history. Boyd worked for Pine Lake for many many years. He recieved many awards and proclamations from the mayor at that time for his outstanding work and excellent citizenship. Boyd was a hard worker and when he worked for the city it never looked better.

Boyd left us November 24, 2004. May He Rest in Peace.

Submitted by Donna Adams-Pickett

Dorothy Gumz

Our Mother Dot Gumz went to be with the Lord at the age of 92 on August 9, 2018. Mom and our father Paul Gumz lived in the house on the corner of Lakeshore Drive across the street from the Gazebo for almost 50 years! They raised all 6 of us kids..Richard, Terry,Reece,Sherry,Debbie and Vint there.

They were best known for all their yearly Holiday decorations and beautiful flowers in their yard!

Submitted by Debra Young

Paul Gumz

Our Father Paul Gumz went home to be with the Lord at 86. He loved living in Pine Lake with our Mom Dot and us 6 kids walking around the lake daily. He was an Army veteran of WWII. He loved his family, country, Braves, Chicago Cubs & Falcons and trains! He enjoyed decorating for all the Holidays but especially Christmas! When our family outgrew their home for gatherings we used the beachhouse.

Submitted by Debra Young 

Patrick Haase

“Try to remember the kind of September...

We will remember Patrick. We will remember his two beautiful daughters, who carry his spirit and love for life within their hearts...and his dogs Bo and Jack who were always warm on the cold evenings curled on the bed beside Patrick...and his voice which will forever echo in song through the air...

 “Try to remember and if you remember... then follow...”

 Patrick left us December 11th 2017. May He Rest in Peace.

    Submitted by David Reeb

Jeff Jackson

Jeff Jackson, nicknamed "BMF" was a resident of Pine Lake from 2005 until his death in 2016 at just 47 years old. Jeff was a punk rock loving, motocross racing Master of all things he chose to do. He lived a lot of life in his short time on earth and he loved living in Pine Lake. His amazing thoughts and passions survive in the many digital zines he left behind.

Jeff left us on April 24, 2016. May He Rest in Peace. Love, Paula

Submitted by Paula Jackson

Headshot of Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams". Matt Johnson's legacy will live on forever through the musical installation in his honor in Pine Lake.


Matt left us Sept 1, 2016. May He Rest in Peace.

Submitted by Lyndsay Sweeney


Headshot of Nita Townes

Nita Townes

Nita Townes was one of those amazing secret treasures of Pine Lake. At nearly 90 years young, she could be seen at a Town Hall meeting, at the Memorial Day cookout or just riding her scooter around the lake. With more than 60 years of Pine Lake memories, you could always get a tidbit of Pine Lake History from Nita. We will all miss her wit and wisdom.

Nita left us July 20, 2016. May She Rest in Peace.

Submitted by Jean Bordeaux