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Projects and Initiatives

Food Well Grant In 2019 Food Well Alliance awarded a $10,000 City Opportunity Agricultural grant to Pine Lake to implement an urban agricultural project. November 6th, 2021 - Volunteer Planting Weekend

Monarch Way Station - In August of 2018 Pine Lake gardeners transformed the curb in front of the city's Public Works Art Wall into a waystation. The native plants along Club House Drive will provide nourishment and shelter as the butterflies migrate across North America.

The Bee City USA Program - In 2017 a group of concerned Pine Lake residents formed a committee and pursued BeeCity USA certification.  Council passed the resolution in June 2018.

Permaculture Plan  - In 2014, the City of Pine Lake partnered with Shades of Green Permaculture Design, Inc. and hosted their annual Permaculture Design Certification course. Students used Pine Lake as a ‘living lab’, spending six months researching, exploring and envisioning solutions to several of Pine Lake’s environmental concerns.

2011 Water Quality Project - In 2010 the City received a federal grant to make improvements that would lead to improved water quality and habitat creation. The project was carried out from July through November of 2011.