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In An Emergency...

Always dial 911 if you have an emergency situation. Do not call the Police Department, because you will only be able to leave a voice mail. Messages are monitored periodically by the on-duty officers, but it could take hours for a response. If you are put on hold by 911 try to be patient and stay on the call. Hanging up will lose your place in the queue.

To Report a Gas Leak:   Contact Atlanta Gas Lines

Citizen Hotline for Stormwater: 404 292-4250

Weather Events:

The City has two buildings that are connected to a backup generator: the Courthouse and the Clubhouse. We are able to open these buildings in the event of a major power outage or weather event that affects our residents. If the Mayor, in conjunction with the Police Chief, determines that this step is needed, the Clubhouse will be opened as a place of respite where you can stay warm, feel safe, get a meal, or charge your phone.

Watch for information posted on this website on the What's New Page or call City Hall: 404-999-4901 or Police: 404-292-4250.