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Municipal Arts Panel

The creation of the MAP signals that the arts are a key value for the city and, as such, must be an essential part of the government structure. Map Mission Statement

As an agency of the City, the MAP can apply for grant funding in the City’s name. It can develop programming that promotes the City as an arts community. It can seek to open avenues of revenue generation that would benefit the City as a whole, reducing the tax burden on homeowners.

The MAP Chair and Members have a standing as city representatives to reach out to other agencies, schools, organizations, cities etc. and seek information/collaboration/opportunities—as it already has with the Georgia Film Council and Savannah College of Art and Design. While the MAP does not make any final decisions on behalf of the City as to policy or contractual arrangements, it can do considerable legwork on behalf of the City that ultimately results in adoption of policies or contracts for specific work for the City of Pine Lake. These opportunities and initiatives are then vetted and approved by PL elected officials on behalf of the residents of Pine Lake.

As a part of the city, the MAP serves as an economic and promotional engine for both the municipality and its resident artists: examples include the MAPMakers Grant and an upcoming pilot program of business and marketing classes targeted to artists. The MAP can create and sponsor events that are opportunities for city revenue streams and continue raising the stature of the city as an arts municipality– further promoting and supporting the work and effort that has already made Pine Lake an artist haven.

To thrive as a city, Pine Lake must reach beyond its current limits—economically, geographically, artistically, and creatively. The work of The MAP is to stretch our reach in every category.

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