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What's New

Join us on Sunday, August 26, 4-6 p.m. at the Public Works Art Wall on Clubhouse Drive! 

The curb in front of the art wall is going to become an official Monarch Way Station!
You are invited to help plant and design the area. Bring your gardening gloves and tools, SEED will provide dirt, plants and cold drinks!  

Thanks to funds raised at the Community Plant Sale in May, the City has been able to purchase the kind of native perennial plants that will bring more butterflies to Pine Lake. The blooms and low-growing foliage will also improve the curb appeal of the art wall and the view from the Clubhouse porch!  

Open the Flyer for more details.

Photo: "Monarch & Bee on Butterfly Bush," by Kari Loomis, from MAP's inaugural Public Works at Public Works exhibit.