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Lighting of the Lake and Cookie Exchange

Saturday, December 2nd from 5:00 - 6:30 pm at the Beach House

If you wish to participate in the cookie exchange, bring 2-3 dozen homemade cookies to the Beach House kitchen and give them directly to a volunteer there (if you just set them down and walk away, we don't know who to give a plate of cookies to at the end!). We'll put some of them out for general consumption, and the rest will be distributed among all of those who also brought cookies. At the end of the evening, retrieve your cookie platter and a bag of assorted homemade cookies!

If baking is not your thing, no worries! Come be with your neighbors and eat some cookies set out for all to enjoy. Hot cider and cocoa will be available as well as impromptu caroling.

Bring cookies at 5:00. Lighting of Lake at 6:00.